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Family Intervention Specialists is now accepting applications for contract positions. Contract positions are for therapist or community support individual.  Please click on job application below.

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Help us make a difference

Please Help us make a difference in these young peoples lives, which will make a difference in our whole community.

37% is the percentage of 18-21yr olds who end up homeless after they've transitioned out of DFACS... 37%.

We have found that if we can assist these young people for 90 days, with the life skills necessary to live in our community, that we can get this percentage down to the mid teens.

That is around 1,000 young people in the Metropolitan Atlanta area who can lead productive, healthy lives within our community, with just 90 days of assistance.

Or they can be homeless, and in and out of jail.

Can you help us help these young people fully join our community?

Special Projects

Day Care for low income single parents

A majority of the single women coming out of treatment have limited job skills and opportunity for employment.

Affordable, quality daycare is essential to enable these women to consider a wider range of employment opportunities, taking away one more barrier to their success in raising a single parent family. more...